Data Outputs

The "Data Outputs" entry in the context menu allows you to quickly create, edit, delete and visualize your internal data outputs of the selected process.

data outputs 1

By clicking on this option, the following modal will appear:

data outputs 2

Showing the details modal

  1. Navigate and click on the details icon.

    data outputs 3

  2. Then the details modal will appear.

Editing the data input

  1. Navigate and click on the edit button.

    data outputs 4

  2. Then the following modal will appear.

    data outputs 5

  3. It will allows you to modify the data type, the name and the state of the selected inner data.

Deleting the data input

  1. Navigate and click on the delete button.

    data outputs 6

Collect End Events names under end output variable

This options is on by default and controls if a end variable will be automatically created (as a collection of string) to hold the name of all the end events executed.

Unchecking this option will not output the end variable