Data Definition Diagram

Data Definition relationship diagrams can be created using the standard features of the diagram view.

The SDMN Data Definition palette defines these shapes.

Complex Data Type

Defines a complex data type which can contain one or more item components.

Simple Data Type

Defines a simple data type and we can set the type and the constraints.


A documentation annotation.


A binary image.


A shape that is used to regroup other shapes together with a label.

Composition Connector

Create a composition relationship between a component of Data Type and its structure.

Reference Connector

Represents a reference of a Data Type component or a Simple Data Type with another Data Type.


Connects an annotation with a Data Type.

When deleting a data type from a diagram, it will delete the data type from the model unless that data type was also used in another diagram. Make sure that you hide (right-click hide action) data types that you want to keep in your model.