This page allows to manage modeling places. Modeling places are typically created a shared by users. They can also be managed globally from the administrator section.


It is possible by checking them to configure which example places are available to all users.


Enable places local storage

This option is now deprecated and should be turned off. It allows users to save data to their browser cache. This method is not considered safe since a user could flush his cache and lose all of his work without recovery possibility.

Users can create places

This option can be disabled to allow only administrator to create places.

Local storage is deprecated and should not be used. It can lead to unrecoverable data loss.

Places management

Each place has a name that is not unique and an owner identified by their email address.

It is possible to delete ( ), rename ( ), change the owner ( ) or manage who has access () to places.

Access rights


A user can read models from this place.


A user can write, create and delete models and folders from this place.


There are two attributes of places that users are not allowed to manipulate but are accessible to administrators through this interface.


A production place guarantee that models can’t be deleted. New models can be added and existing model updated. The versioning of models can always be used to go back to a previous version. To delete a model in a production place, the admin has to turn off the production flag, delete the model, then turn back the flag on.

Global access

Admins can make places available (read or write) to all users of the instance without having to assign access to them. This is the equivalent of sharing with the virtual All users group.