stage 1
Figure 1. Stage

A stage is used to represent a phase of the case. Every plan item supported in a case, or a case plan item is also supported in a stage.

Communication between two stages is handled through criterions which are described later in the documentation.

To start a stage, multiple options are available:

  • If an entry criterion attached to the stage’s shape is fulfilled. To exit from a stage, an exit criterion is also fulfilled.

  • A stage can be automatically created if no sentries are set, and it is not marked as manually activated

  • A stage can be automatically created if set with auto-complete attribute

stage 2
Figure 2. Stage’s Attributes

Some attributes can be set:

  • Required: The stage must be completed for its containing plan item to be completed

  • Manual activation: Once enabled, the stage is waiting for a manual activation to become activated, instead of becoming automatically activated as soon as it is enabled

  • Repeat: A stage set to be repeatable can have multiple instances created

  • Auto complete: The stage is automatically completed when all its required plan items are completed