Client Access Licenses

This page allows to control which user currently have access to the Digital Enterprise Suite.

A client access license (CAL) is associated to a user email address and represents his identity when interacting with the suite. Non-authorized users can’t interact with most of the functionalities.

Trisotech does not locally keep passwords for users and rely on User Provider to authenticate users.

Client Access Licenses

This section lists all users that currently have access to the suite with their name and email addresses.

If a user name is still displayed as his email address, the user most likely never connected because the name is updated on the first login from the User Provider.
  • It is possible to login as a user ( ). Doing that will change your identity for his identity. To return to your identity, you can direct your browser back to the admin ( /admin ) page.

  • It is possible to revoke a user access by deleting the CAL ( ).

  • It is possible to manage his access to modeling places ( ).

  • It is possible to activate/deactivate a user ( ) . Deactivated users are not allowed to connect to the digital enterprise suite.

If the SCIM configuration is activated, a lock will appear next to the name of users being provisioned through SCIM.

A product column allows to visualize the number of product licenses that are assigned this user. Clicking on that number allows to assign/unassign products to a user.

Products that are assigned to everybody will not show up in this tally.

Invite Users

To create new Client Access Licenses, it is possible to invite users using their email addresses by clicking on the Invite Users button.

The wizard will guide you through the invitation process by first allowing you to enter one or more email address. Multiple addresses can be delimited by semicolons or new lines. The next step allows to grant access to modeling places. The following step allows you to choose which product to grant access to. The final step allows to customize an email that is sent to the invitees. This email can be customized by directly typing in the subject or body fields. It is also possible to disable the invite email by unchecking the option to Send an invitation.

The newly invited user will need to connect to the Digital Entreprise Suite and login using the configured User Provider. If you are using the Trisotech Account provider, that user will need to register a free Trisotech account and validate their email address.

Export CAL

The Export button can be used to generate a CSV file containing all the details of the currenlty assigned CALs:

  • Name

  • Email

  • Last Activity

  • Accessible products

This is very useful for access reviews.

Access Request

A user that tries to connect and is successfully authenticated by the User Provider but does not have a Client Access License (CAL) is offered to request access. Administrators are notified by email when someone requests access and can grant or deny access from this interface.

It is also possible to set the User Provider to automatically create a CAL when a new user access the suite. In that case, access requests will not be required.