Decision Automation

The decision automation follows the Decision Model and Notation (DMN) standard and allows to automate all features of the specifications.


Each Decision Service defined in the decision model is exposed as a service and can be invoked.

By default, if no service is provided when invoking the service, all shapes in the model (and included models) are

Inputs and Outputs

When invoking a specific decision service, the inputs are taken from the Input zone of the decision service while the outputs are taken from the Output Decisions zone of the decision service definition.

When not specifying the decision service, the inputs are the data inputs of the model(s) (also considering the included model) and all the decisions (also considering the included models) are used as the outputs.

Note that for convenience, the Decision Modeler create a decision service with top-level decisions and all data inputs and a decision service per DRD (diagram page) automatically. These can be renamed if required.