DES License

The Administration landing page offers an overview of the licensing status of your Digital Enterprise Suite.

DES License

This section displays the current Digital Enterprise Suite license information and allows to change it.


The name of the license.

Serial Number

The serial number associated with the license.


The type of license, this is mostly for Trisotech internal use.

Expiration date

The date at which the license will not be valid anymore. At that date, the Digital Enterprise Suite will stop accepting requests. This entry could also be named Next renewal when the Digital Enterprise Suite is Trisotech hosted and on a yearly renewal plan.

Number of Seats

Number of Client Access Licenses available in total. Certain types of licenses are not limited on the number of seats.

Number of Used Seats

Number of assigned Client Access Licenses.


A clickable link to enter a new license. Trisotech Hosted administrators do not need to change their license themselves. Client Hosted administrators will need to update the license before expiration by pasting the new license received from the Trisotech Support in the text field.


Lists all the products available and the number of licenses for each.

A mention Everybody means that this product is by default accessible to all users receiving a Client Access License. If the product is not available to everybody, it will be assignable from the Client Access Licenses tab to individual users.