Knowledge entity model elements have extended properties that are not available on all types of models.


The description property defined in other model is named definition in a Knowledge Entity Model.


Alternatives are synonyms of the term. It is possible to find a term using its name or an alternative.

Once an alternative was entered, it is possible to use it as the prefered name ( ), rename it ( ) , delete it ( ) or deprecate it ( ).


Terms can define sources. Sources are indented to describe an external source that defines this term.

A source is a key-value pair of name and URI.

A term can define any number of sources.


Require the Healthcare Feature Set subscription.

An additional Healthcare tab is available in the details ( ) panel of a term.


FHIR Resource Type

The FHIR Resource Type section allows to enter the type of healthcare resource represented by this term. The auto-completion is generated from the resource types defined by HL7 FHIR R4 but any value can be entered in this field.

Value Sets

This section allows to search a FHIR terminology server for Value Sets by name or identifier.

This section is available only if an administrator has configured a FHIR terminology server from the Healthcare page of the Administrator interface.

Added Value Sets can be collapsed or expanded and contain all the resolved codes associated with it.


Codes can be entered manually (instead of relying on Value Sets).

Display names are auto-completed if a FHIR terminology server was configured by an administrator in the Healthcare page of the Administrator interface.