Capabilities can define process, people, information and system enablers.

Managing enablers

These extra model properties can be managed from the details ( ) dialog. A dedicated tab is present for each enabler.

In the enabler detail tab, it is possible to add a new enabler. When adding and enabler, auto-completion is offered based on existing enablers in the model.

If an enabler was dragged from the Digital Enterprise Graph, it will display a lock icon ( ) instead of an edit ( ) icon to rename it.

Enabler can be unasigned form a capability by clicking on the unasign action ( ).

A capability can define any number of each type of enablers.

Enablers overlay

In the overlay ( overlay ) right side panel, there is an option to turn on the enablers overlays.

The enablers are displayed under the capabilities using an icon reprenting the type of enabler and a number representing the number of defined enablers of that type. Note that at the container level, it displays the enablers from contained capabilities.

enablers overlay