Operation Assignation

The Operation which have been defined in the Operation library can be reused in the service tasks.

How to assign an operation to a service task ?

  1. First you can click on the service task marker

    operation assignation 1

    or navigate in the context menu and navigate to the "Service task" attribute.

    operation assignation 2
  2. The "Service task" attribute modal will appear

    operation assignation 3
  3. Now you can select an interface between all of those you created.

    operation assignation 4
  4. When you have selected an interface, select an operation between those available in the interface.

    operation assignation 5

You can also edit the selected interface and the assigned operation by clicking on the button. Then if you wanna unassign the operation or the interface you can click on operation assignation 6.

From this modal you have also a quick access to the Data Input mapping and Data Output mapping attributes with 2 buttons at the bottom right of the modal.