Management interface for identities, credentials that are used by services to communicate with external systems in secured way.

Users can create new identities of following types:

  • HTTP that is based on either basic, bearer or other scheme and will be included in HTTP header

  • API key that is based on attaching an api key to the request, either via header or query parameter

  • OAuth2 that is based on OAuth2 specification and relies on token exchange

Create new identity

To create new identity, service url needs to be provided and type of identity selected. Based on selected type, additional form will need to be filled.

identities 1

Identity definitions

Already created identity definitions are presented in a table that can be filtered using the Search field.

identities 2

Each identity definition can be

  • permanently deleted

  • shared with group

Identity information is considered sensitive data and by that are not visible after creation. The only attribute that is available is the id of the identity definition which can later on be used to associate it with services.