The group page allows to define groups of users (that have an assigned Client Access License) for regrouping users.

Access to protected resources such as Modeling Places, Execution Environments, Data Stores and Identities can be granted to groups instead of individual users.

Task assignment for workflow and case modeling can also leverage groups to assign tasks to a group instead of an individual performer.

Managing protected resources using groups simplify the access management easier.

It is possible to create a New Group using the button in the top right of the page.

Groups have an optional email address. That address can be used to communicate with the group for task assignment in the email notification channel instead of using the email address of the individual members.

Each group can be deleted ( ), renamed ( ) or modified ( ).

Renaming a group does not affect its current usage.

A group can contain users or other groups.

When adding users/groups to a group, it is possible to send an email informing the users of their new group. That email can be disabled by unchecking the Send invite email box.