Digital Modeling Suite

The Digital Modeling Suite is a simple browser-based suite of visual applications that are intuitive enough for business users, yet sufficiently powerful to delight IT users. It brings together creative thinking and critical thinking, using recognized methods to guide and capture brainstorming sessions and structured operational models. It allows organizations to align operations to strategic intent all the way through to analysis and automation. The Digital Modeling Suite is a complete set of visual modeling applications, that captures the DNA of your organization in a digital twin.

The Digital Modeling Suite is composed of modelers that share common functionalities.

Most modelers offer a Diagram View and a Relation View that are accessible from the View ribbon.

Most modeler notation introduce some specific properties to model elements but some Model Elements Properties are available to most modelers.

The modelers user Modeling Places to store and version models.

In more detailed models, modelers allows the definition of Data Types and external service invocation through the Operation Library.

All models created by the Digital Modeling Suite are indexed in the Digital Enterprise Graph.

Models can also be exported as HTML or Word Documentation reports.


discovery accelerator workflow modeler case modeler

decision modeler knowledge entity modeler shared data modeler

landscaping capability modeler kommunicator