The debug functionality connects to the asynchronous events emitted by an environment.

Should only be used on low execution volume environment. Configure a proper event emitter if you want to capture the events of a high execution volume environment.

Connecting an event listener

By pressing on the Connect to Environment button, the event listener will be registered and the window below will start to receive the messages.

By then pressing the Disconnect from Environment button, the event listener will be disconnected.


When execution events occurs on the environment, messages will start coming in.

2021-09-21 10:23:41 [c94f673a-f792-42da-9657-2fcaa22fcf8e] dmn:calculate-body-mass-index:1.0 Started
2021-09-21 10:23:41 [c94f673a-f792-42da-9657-2fcaa22fcf8e] dmn:calculate-body-mass-index:1.0 Finished

Each message at will have the following pattern:

Timestamp [InstanceId] Group:Artifact:Version EventType


The time at which the event occurred.


An instance identifier that can be used to correlate multiple events from the same service execution (ex: Started/Finished). The search bar can be useful to filter on a given instance identifier.


The service group.


The service artifact.


The service version.


The type of event that occurred. When clicking on the event type, the message data payload will be presented in JSON format.

The Clear logs button can be used to empty the message window.

Message payload

Clicking ont a message event type displays the message data payload:

    "env": "dev",
    "group": "dmn",
    "artifact": "calculate-body-mass-index",
    "version": "1.0",
    "serviceInstanceId": "c94f673a-f792-42da-9657-2fcaa22fcf8e",
    "serviceName": "Calculate Body Mass Index",
    "outputs": {
        "Determine BMI Category": "Underweight"
    "messages": []