Timer Event

The "Timer Event" attribute allows you to define a timer trigger which will start the process at specific hour or pause it for a certain amount of time.

How to use this functionality ?

  1. Navigate to the trigger dropdown and select what kind of trigger you want to choose. It could be a date, a duration or even a cycle.

    timer event 1
  2. Let’s say you wanna define a timer trigger for a specific date. You will be able to define it by using a date picker but if you want to, you can also define your date by using an expression.

    timer event 2
  3. To define a date by using an expression just select the "Expression" in the second dropdown.

    timer event 3

    Note: Defining a timer trigger using expression is only available for durations or dates !

  4. "Relative to" refers to when the timer starts counting. Time expression can be relative to two points in time:

    • "activation" - it calculates expiration time from the timestamp when the node was activated - this is the default

    • "lastUpdate" - it calculates expiration time based on last update of the process instance and by that it might require reschedule

timer event 4

Note: It applies to a cycle and a duration only.