Adding and Deleting

You can add and delete items and collection within the board view by clicking on the plus sign and selecting the type you want to add if you are adding a collection. To delete the item or collection, you need to go into the newly added item and select delete.

Adding and deleting items or collections

Navigate to the place or the collection where you would like to add your new item or collection and click on the "+" sign. If you are adding a collection, you will need to select what type you want to add.

  1. Adding a new item:

    adding and deleting 1

  2. Adding a new collection:

    adding and deleting 2

  3. Deleting a collection or item:

    To delete a collection or an item, click on the edit function located to the right of the name of the item or collection ( ).

    Then click on the delete button located at the bottom right corner.