Digital Distributed Containers

Digital Distributed Container (Single Service or Multi Service) required.

Base image definition

The first section allows to configure the base engine image to use when create a new container.

Base image for containers

The image to use as the base image for containers. Unless you have pulled the Trisotech Engine image to a local registry, you should use If you have pulled the image to a local registry, make sure that you update it regularly to keep it in synch with the Digital Enterprise Suite version.


The username/password to use for accessing the base image. This information will have been provided to you by our support team when you subscribed.

A Test button can be used to validate the connectivity to the base image.

An incorrect base image will prevent building any type of container in the Digital Enterprise Suite.
Single Service containers are built asynchronously and will not report image pull errors to the user deploying the service. It will however log an error on the console.

Kubernetes default template

The default template can be modified in this section. It supports replacement tokens for a lot of variables and is used when downloading a Kubernetes template from the Service Library.