Capability Modeler

capability modeler

The Capability Modeler is a cloud-based strategic planning and business architecture application for capturing and defining the basic building blocks of your organization. Map business capabilities and their relationships to operations in an easy-to-use environment designed for business users. Align operations to strategic intent using this high-level common definition of what the business does.

The Capability Modeler allows users to:

  • Create graphical business capability models understandable by both business and IT stakeholders.

  • Map relationships between capabilities and people, processes, systems and information.

  • Track impact of strategic and tactical decisions on capability map.

  • Achieve capability planning and evaluate needs involved in future initiatives.

  • Assess business capability on maturity and performance metrics.

  • Categorize strategic, core and support capabilities to help manage in-sourced and out-sourced capabilities.

overview of the capability modeler