Canvas Templates

When creating a new Landscaping model or a new diagram page, it is possible to select from using a blank page or use a canvas template.


Canvas templates offer different canvas to structure the work. Typically, these templates offer different zones into which sticky notes can be added.

Most canvas provides Canvas instructions that can be turned on or off from the View ribbon to explain the canvas zones meaning.

The following canvas are available:

  • Ansoff Matrix Canvas

  • Burlton Hexagon

  • Business Model Canvas

  • Business Motivation Model

  • Burlton Process Architecture

  • Customer Journey Map


  • Empathy Map

  • Five Why

  • Golden Circle

  • IGOE

  • Kanban

  • Kanban Software Development

  • Microservice Design Canvas

  • Process Model Canvas


  • Six Thinking Hats

  • SWOT

  • Value Proposition Canvas

  • Two axis graph