Attended Task

The "Attended task" attribute allows you to assign a performer to check the data when the task is executed. It’s available for all tasks except the "receive task" and the one with loop attribute set on.

How to use it ?

  1. First right click on the task and the select "Attended task" in the attributes menu:

    attended task 1

  2. The following modal will appear.

    attended task 2

  3. Click on the check mark to enable the feature.

    attended task 3

  4. Then you can decide if you want manual verification for inputs/outputs or both.

    attended task 4

  5. You can add a verification before and after the data mapping by clicking on the option.

    attended task 5

  6. To add a performer navigate to the field and select an existing or create a new one.

    attended task 6

  7. You can also rename the user task which will be created by using the following field.

    attended task 7