My tasks

The My tasks functionality presents user tasks currently assigned to the logged-in user. The list presents all tasks that the user can work on within the selected environment regardless of which service the task belongs to.


The name of the task


The optional description of the task, defined as part of Documentation attribute of the task in the model


The creation timestamp of this task.

Service instance name

The user defined name of the instance the task belongs to. If tags were defined, they are also displayed in that column.

Clicking on a row will bring a user interface presenting the form of the task to be able to complete it.

Auto refresh

Tasks are automatically refreshed based on changes in the runtime environment this cloud execution is connected to. With that, tasks are reloaded on the page as soon as new tasks are added or completed.

Auto refresh respects current filter and pagination settings to avoid unneeded changes of the content.

Auto refresh can also be disabled by turning off Auto refresh switch at the top of the page. Auto refresh setting is remembered.

User tasks can also be search through based on either name or identifier of the task. In both cases partial match is supported and works as a like operator.

To simplify access from outside, specific tasks can also be accessed with permalink.


  • host - is the host (and optionally port) of Digital Enterprise Suite or Digital Distributed Container

  • prod - is the environment service is deployed to

  • finance - is the group of the service

  • payroll-service - is the artifact of the service

  • 1.0 - is the version of the service (latest can also be used)