criterion 1
Figure 1. Stage with Entry and Exit Criterions
criterion 2
Figure 2. Stage with Entry Criterion Linked to a File Item
criterion 3
Figure 3. Milestone with an Entry Criterion
criterion 4
Figure 4. Task with an Entry Criterion

A criterion is a shape to set entry or exit condition to a case, a stage, a task, or a milestone.

As attribute, an if part is available for both entry and exit criterion.

criterion 5
Figure 5. Criterion if attribute modal setting

As seen above, an if part is not always mandatory but if set to be so, a condition can be specified through a FEEL expression. That expression can use available context variables.

A criterion is linked to a plan item or a file item through a connector link.


An entry criterion is set to specify how a plan item can be reached. It can be linked to a plan or case item.


Contrary to the entry criterion, the exit criterion cannot have a connector to a plan or case item outside of its context. It means that if an exit criterion is attached to a stage’s shape, a connector can be attached to it inside the stage, but not outside of it.