Execution Profile

When deploying a model, the possibility to choose an execution profile allows the user to determine the level of events when a service is running.

These events are sent to emitters that are registered on the service topic.

Three profiles are available, sorted based on the amount of information emitted:

  • Production

  • Audit

  • Debug

The main difference between those profiles is the number of messages emitted and the content of the messages. Each profile adds more information on top of the less detailed one.

Information about messages structure is available in the link: /publicapi/doc-events.


Within that profile, only two messages are emitted on the service topic:

Type Definition


A service started to run.


A service finished to run.


Within those profiles, all messages emitted with the Production profile will also be emitted when a service runs, plus messages related to nodes lifecycle will be emitted.

Type Definition


A node has been triggered.


A node has been left.

The only difference between Audit and Debug profiles is about the payload’s content. Those differences are described as well in the link: /publicapi/doc-events. When a field is set to be available in a specific profile only, it is mentioned through brackets. Also, if a field is specific to a type of node, information is also placed between brackets.