task 1
Figure 1. Task

Task supports:

  • Human blocking HB

  • Human non-blocking HNB

  • Process: used to call a BPMN process already saved and available through the graph P

  • Decision: used to call a DMN decision available as well through the graph D

  • Case: used to call another case available through the graph C

Also, attributes can be set. Below is the list of available attributes based on task type:

  • Repeat: HB, HNB, P, D, C

  • Required: HB, HNB, P, D, C

  • Manual activation: HB, HNB, P, D, C

  • Is blocking: HB, HNB, P, D, C

  • Inputs/outputs: HB, HNB, D

  • Data mapping: P, D, C

  • Performers: HB, HNB, D, C

  • Manual activation rule: HB, HNB, P, D, C An extra flavor of a task is available and called a discretionary task (see picture below). It is represented as a dotted task shape. An extra attribute named manual activation rule details is made available and allow to specify condition to make that task available to activate.

This kind of task is instantiated based on applicability rule attribute. It can only be instantiated in a case instance if applicability rule is fulfilled.

task 2
Figure 2. Discretionary Task