Model compare

Automatic Model Compare subscription required.

The compare functionality allows to compare the currently open model with a previous version. You can also make a comparison with an other model.

Model comparaison can be launched from the teamwork ribbon using the Compare button.

compare 1

There are different type of comparaison.

Compare with last saved version

Compare the currently open version of a model with its last saved version.

Compare with previous versions

Select a previous version of a model and compare the currently open model with that version.

Compare with another model

Choose a model from the place selector to compare with.

Comparing with another model that is completly different will basically highligh the whole model as changed. Ideally, comparaison is done on a model that share some common roots and was eventually saved as a different model.

Comparaison result

compare 2

The comparaison result comes up as a web (HTML) document that highlights the changes using the color red to indicate what was removed and green what was added.

In the result report, each element is clickable and gets highlighted on the diagram when clicked.

The comparaison result report can be saved as an HTML file, printed or saved as PDF using your web browser native functionalities.