Identifiers are numeric attributes of diagram elements that is used to control the order of elements presented in documentation reports.

Identifier follows a multi-dot notation in the format where the following values are valid:

  • 1

  • 1.1

  • 1.1.1



Each number between the dot is compared individually so that 1.15 comes after 1.2.

Managing identifiers

Identifier can be accessed by accessing the contextual menu of a shape (right-click) and selecting Attributes then Identifier.

A dialog appears to update or enter a value for the shape identifier.

When entering a duplicated identifier, a notification offers to increase the duplicate identifier. This is not required and a model could have duplicated identifiers.

Custom attributes overlay

In the overlay ( overlay ) right side panel, there is an option to turn on the identifiers overlay.

The identifiers overlay display the identifier in the top left corner of a shape. If none is defined a - is depicted.

Automatic Identifier Assignment

The Automatic Identifier Assignment option can be enabled from a diagram’s attributes menu (right-click on a diagram).

If enabled, a default identifier will be assigned to each newly created shape (node). The default identifier is always an integer.