Include Model

The Include function allows you to include existing Decision models to your current model. Like this you will be able to reuse decisions, input data, …​ from those included models.

Each model is included using a prefix. This makes sure that there is no collisions with existing elements in the current decision model. For example, a model XYZ containing a decision named Decision 1 will be referenced as XYZ.Decision 1 in the current model.

It is possible to include a model locally (without a prefix) by leaving the prefix name empty. Doing that displays Included locally as its prefix. In that case, collisions are possible and any elements colliding with a local element are marked with a yellow warning lock. Yellow warning locks can be corrected by renaming the local element with the same name to remove the collision. Colliding elements are ignored and not included when automating the decision.

Using the "Include" model function in the "DMN" ribbon

  1. Navigate to the "include" panel and click on the button.

    include model 1
  2. The the following modal will appear and click on the Add button.

    include model 2

  3. Then you can browse into your places to find a Decision model to include and click on the "Select" button.

    include model 3

  4. The newly included model will appear now in your list.

    include model 4

Deleting included models

  1. If you click on the "Delete" button you will be able to delete the included model from the current one:

    include model 6

Updating the included prefix

  1. If you click on the "Edit" button you will be able to rename the prefix of the included model:

    include model 5

Updating the prefix will also cascade into the model elements and decision logic. Using an empty prefix name imports the model elements locally.