The Healthcare panel allows to configure SMART on FHIR and CDS Hook for the automation service.

Healthcare subscription required.

From The execution Tab in the Operations ribbon, Click on the Healthcare button, the following modal will appear

healthcare modal


The SMART on FHIR specification is a popular choice for providing a consistent approach to security and data requirements for health applications. SMART on FHIR defines a workflow that an application can use to securely request access to data, and then receive and use that data. This option will be unchecked by default. User can check it to use the SMART on FHIR and set the Client ID and Scopes. You can leave the Client ID to blank, then the tool will generate a default one. Same for the Scopes, the default value is patient/*.read launch offline_access openid profile


It provides a way to select which CDS hooks are supported for given model. This should allow to select zero to many CDS hooks based on supported CDS hooks as defined in the spec By default, patient-view is checked, but any number of hooks can be selected.