In the modelers, it is possible to define attachments to model elements.

A model element attachments can be accessed in the Detail panel of an element or using the action called Attach in the Home ribbon.

Types of attachments


Embeed a Youtube video.


Embeed a Slideshare presentation.


Link to an URL.

Managing attachments

A new attachment can be added by using the Add button.

attachments add

Once added, the attachments will appear in a list.

attachments manage

Attachments can be edited using the icon.

Attachments can be deleted using hte icon.

For modelers that offers a notation animator, an additional icon is available. A maximum of one attachment can have its icon colored green. Clicking on the button will toggle it. When the icon is green, this attachment will be displayed when the element is animated in the animator. Having none of the buttons green means that no attachment will be presented when animating for this element.

Attachments overlay

In the overlay ( overlay ) right side panel, there is an option to turn on the attachments overlay.

The attachments overlay adds an attachments icon on graphical shapes in the diagram that defines attachments.