Accelerators Side Panel

Digital Enterprise Graph subscription required.

The Accelerator side panel is accessible using the icon in the top right of the interface and also from the View ribbon under the Right Panels section.

This side panel displays accelerators that were previously loaded by an administrator in the modeling environment.

If the icon is not visible, it could be that your administrator did not load any accelerator.

Accelerators are part of the Digital Enterprise Graph. This interface share the same functionality as the Digital Enterprise Graph Side Panel with the main different that the accelerators are visible to everyone and their content is controlled by an administrator.

Accelerators are typically acquired from Trisotech as part of a feature set and represents a reference definition based on a standardized source.

For example, Trisotech offers accelerators for:

  • FHIR (Healthcare)

  • CDS Hooks (Healthcare)

  • APQC (Cross-Indrutries)

  • MISMO (Mortgage Banking)

  • …​