Data Store Binding

Trisotech Cloud Storage subscription required

The "Data Store Binding" entry in the context menu allows you connect a Data Input DMN element to a Data Store defined in the Personal Settings.

By clicking on this option, the following modal will appear:

data store binding

Binding a data store using this interface locks the definition (name and data type) of this element.

The Data Type dialog will now display two data types from this data store for the collection and one individual item inside the collection. The name of those can be changed from the data store definition page in the Personal Settings.

Bound data stores behave like normal input data and can be accessed through FEEL functions that manipulate lists (append, concatenate, insert after, insert before, remove, replace, reverse, sort and union) but these functions will have side effects. For instance, calling the FEEL function append on a data store will modify the data store. After calling append(My Data Store, "New Entry"), subsequent access to My Data Store will contains the item "New Entry".