Custom FEEL functions

Custom FEEL functions are Trisotech extensions to the FEEL language.

They come in libraries that need to be imported into your model to be usable.

Custom FEEL functions are implemented on the Trisotech Digital Automation Suite but could not be available from a third party DMN engine.

The list of available custom FEEL functions libraries can be found here.

The DMN ribbon has an action called Custom FEEL functions from which available custom libraries can be imported using the button. This dialog can also be used to remove ( ) included custom libraries.

Once included, custom functions libraries appear in the Help ribbon and are available for auto completion in FEEL expressions.

FEEL functions use the DMN import mechanism and are included using a prefix followed by a dot (ex: utility.uri).

Library prefix can be changed using the icon. Changing the prefix of a library to an empty string imports them locally and using them will not require a prefix anymore.

A library imported without prefix can replace standard FEEL functions if a function name collision occurs.

An alternative way of including a custom FEEL function library is from the Help ribbon. Using the Custom drop down and selecting a library import those functions in the model.